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Piggy Bank

Try Curbside & Pumpside Pickup at participating locations

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Piggy Bank

Reduce your contact with fuel pumps and in-store shopping

by using your SmartPay Rewards app to pay every time.

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Every account is password protected using facial or fingerprint recognition so your information is even more secure

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Use the app to get the best experience and earn yourself some tasty and delicious rewards!

Piggy Bank

Save 10¢/Gallon,
Every Day

Watch the price roll back and the savings pile up

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Quickly activate the pump or scan the app barcode to purchase items inside

Age Restricted

Age Restricted

Opt in on the app and save on items like tobacco



Earn free items with buy 10, get 1 free clubs; Breakfast Sandwich, Pizza and Fountain/Frozen

Coffee or Fountain

Fuel Rewards

Earn a free coffee or fountain beverage for every 80 gallons of fuel purchased using the app

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Store Finder

Find a store nearest you or plan your next road trip

Use the app, get rewards

By using the app, every time you visit you could earn progress towards free rewards of favorite products. Download the app to save more!

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Saving 10¢ per gallon on gas, every day has never been so easy. Simply use our super useful app or card and watch the savings pile up

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