General FAQ’s

Why is my email address required?

Our system relies heavily on email communication to all customers. Your email address becomes your login to manage your account. An email address is also required to make updates to your account information and to provide the ability for you to review your transactions. It is also necessary to retrieve and/or change your password.

How long does it take for my account to become active?

If you are linking your app to SmartPay, the information that you provide could undergo a validation process. This process could take up to three business days. You will be notified of your SmartPay account status and program details through subsequent email messages.

Where can I use SmartPay Rewards?

You can use SmartPay Rewards at all Cumberland Farms and Fastrac convenient store locations and growing!

Can I use the app to purchase merchandise or gas inside the store too?

Yes, and you still get a 10¢ discount on every gallon of gas! To pay from your mobile phone, tap “Buy Stuff in Store”, show the barcode to the cashier, and type in your app password at the prompt.

What are the usage limits on my account?

The limits for use of your account are as follows: 7 transactions per day, $150 daily amount, 35 transactions per week, and $500 weekly amount.

Is SmartPay Rewards secure?

Yes, the security of your data is very important to our business. In order to protect your account information and keep it secure, we request your password, facial or fingerprint recognition every time you use SmartPay Rewards. In addition, we do not resell or disclose any information to any third parties. The data you have provided is required to enable us to verify and link your information to your card to be able to perform an ACH debit transaction.

I saw a small deposit and withdrawal in my bank account after enrolling. What is this?

ZipLine validates your enrolled bank account information to ensure that we have the correct account number. We do so by submitting a deposit and withdrawal to your bank account. These “challenge transactions” are a test to confirm the validity of the account. The enrolled card is not activated until this bank verification process is completed.

Account Management FAQ’s

How can I reset my PIN?

You will need to log into SmartPay Rewards and go to manage my account or call ZipLine at 1-800-210-1265 to change your PIN number.

How can I get transaction information about my account?

Your purchase history is available on the app by navigating to Transaction History in the main menu.

Where can I track my current rewards?

Rewards can be found by click on the Rewards Tile on your app home screen. They will also be visible when you click the “Buy Stuff In Store” to complete a transaction.

Where can I see my savings?

Our Lifetime Savings Tile will show you how much you have saved since becoming a mobile app user – in store and at the pump!

How do I redeem rewards?

By navigating to the Rewards Tile, you can see all the rewards you have available to use. You can click the barcode button on the bottom of the Rewards screen to be taken to the checkout screen, where you click “redeem” to have your reward scanned by one of our team members. You can also redeem a reward by selecting the “Buy Stuff in Store” button right on the home screen to get to the payment page, where you can redeem any of your available rewards.

Do rewards expire?

Each offer has an expiration date listed. If you do not activate your coupon by tapping the “redeem coupon” button, it will expire by that date. Once you activate your coupon by pressing “redeem coupon” and confirm use, you only have 15 minutes from activation to redeem it in any participating store.

How do I update my checking account information?

To change your checking account information, please login to http://www.myzipline.biz or call ZipLine customer service at 1-800-210-1265